Colors - Shiki / Four Seasons Lyrics2[Hello "G"]

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Colors - Shiki / Four Seasons Lyrics2[Hello "G"]

KenG @ Rec.
KenG @ Recording

Amy, Yaz & Shuta @ Rec.
Amy, Yaz & Shuta @ Recording

Jun @ Rec.
Jun @ Recording

Colors - Shiki / Four Seasons Lyrics Part2! [Hello "G"](Summer/Natsu)

Uploaded some snap shots from the recording!

Top: KenG
Middle: Amy, Yaz & Shuta
Bottom: Jun

Shuta is my sound engineer, who read my mind, and who can convert my thoughts into something so special!

Amy is a girl who has got a beautiful voice, and she is also contributing in the track [DLB]. Very well done, Amy!

Yaz is my hair make-up artist, and who also giving me a great advice on fashion and etc! We are featuring Yaz in other project, and you will hear her in action soon!

Jun is a DJ, who contributed 2 tracks (Intro & Outro) to the album, and these tracks added something extra into the album for sure! We are going to do some work on the tracks, and some of the remix version would be out soon!!

[Hello "G"]

Visualised some Driving fast on the Freeway in the Summer, but, got too much like American sound, so that we slowed it down a bit in the end.

This is a Rock [Summer] Number, with a bit of humour/Jokes in it. "G", who came out of his boring town to party, spitting to the society and being in love with the BEST girl in town. He thinks he is A ROCKSTAR!


At the end, He wakes up from his "DREAM", by getting a call from his mum...

One of my favourite, and also this is my very first song that I wrote in the past!!

アルバムからの「歌詞全集」、第2弾! 「Hello ”G”」です。


中段:Amy,Yaz & Shutaの図。

Shutaは、KenGの大事なサウンドエンジニアです。 KenGの意図を、的確に読み取り、素晴しい「音」に変換してくれる、素晴しいエンジニアです!

Amyは、「DLB」でも参加してくれましたが、その美声に、ついお願いしてしまったということです。 GoodJobでした!

Yazは、KenGがずっとお願いしてきた、ヘアメイクアップアーティスト! ファッションなどのことも、沢山相談させてもらってます。 今後、Colorsの外側の企画で、彼女をFeatureしたバンドを企画中です! お楽しみあれっ!

そして、Junは今回のアルバムでは、イントロとアウトロの楽曲提供をしてくれたDJです。 確実に何かを足してくれた二曲。 感謝しております! 四季のアルバムのリミックスを企画中です。 こちらも、お楽しみあれっ!

さて、「Hello ”G”」は、夏のFreewayを高速で走りぬくを意識してデモは製作してみました。 少し、アメリカンに仕上がってしまったので、最終的にはテンポとリズムを落としました。

ロッカー気取りな少年が、詰まらない街を飛び出し、Party三昧。 くだらない社会を横目に。 街で一番の女の子にゾッコン。 な、ロックナンバーです。


ふたを開けると、ママの電話でユメが覚めてしまう。 という落ちです。


Hello “G”

I am coming from the seaside town
Called “lazy” and “bullshit”!
So, I got out of the hell to party
Yay! Let’s have some fun, Baby!

They call me like a “Loser”!
But, I don’t care, cos I am cool!
So, come out, Angel! Let’s dance!
Hey! Catch you “Lady”! Swing you “Pretty”!

Hey “G”, what are you doing? Backing Vocal
Hit the road, and driving like “Crazy”!
Hey “G”, you shouldn’t do that! Backing Vocal
Who cares? Rockn’ Roll, dear “Honey”!

Vroom, Vroom, Vroom!! Backing Vocal

You are going to the place to be salved
Called “Hell” and “Society”!
So, I will be there to rescue you, “Love”!
Yay! Let’s go Crazy, Darling!

She is the BEST in town
Called “Beauty” or “Gorgeous”!
So, I will sing this song to you, Rose!
Yay! Let’s make a love tonight!

Mum is calling now… Mum is calling again…

Boooooooo… Boooooing ………





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